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Assessment and Taxation

We can help you understand the county's appraisal and assessment of your property, paying your property taxes, getting a marriage license, passports, recording documents, mapping, and many other services.

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The Assessment and Taxation (A&T) department is receiving a significant number of inquiries from email recipients stating they are receiving tax statements from A&T. These email recipients may not reside in Washington County, Oregon. This may be a potential phishing attempt. Do not click any unverified links. Please take appropriate precaution and reach out to our office if you have questions.

Welcome to the Washington County Department of Assessment & Taxation. We’re here to serve our communities by making it simple and straightforward to get the services you need when you need them.

Our lobbies are open. We, however, continue to encourage the public to use the alternate options of phone, e-mail, USPS, online, or drop box.

Please call us at one of the numbers listed to discuss your service needs:  


Department of Assessment & Taxation

155 N First Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


2023-24 Declaración de Impuestos de Propiedad

​El envío por correo de la declaración de impuestos sobre la propiedad comienza el 17 de octubre.

2023-24 Property Tax Statement

Property Tax Statement Mailing Begins October 17th.
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