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Black History Month Proclamation 2022

Washington County Board of Commissioners proclaim February 2022 as Black History Month, with a focus on Black health and wellness.
News article
Release date: 01/27/2022
Sponsored by: Board of County Commissioners Department

Board of Commissioners issue proclamation for Black History Month 2022

In celebration of Black History Month and this year’s theme of “Black Health and Wellness,” the Board of Commissioners has issued a proclamation designating February 1-28 as Black History Month 2022. At their business meeting on January 25, the proclamation was read into the record by Black healthcare and wellness professionals who serve in Washington County.

The proclamation recognizes the notable contributions that people of African descent have made to our country and celebrates the rich diversity of Black people in Washington County. The proclamation also acknowledges the devastating effects of systemic racism on Black health and wellness, as well as the dedicated efforts of members of the Black community who contribute to healing and wellbeing.