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CATT Program Development Work Group

The Program Development Work Group helped develop the clinical services for the CATT. The work group is now retired, but their many contributions are highlighted below.

Accessing our services

Our lobby is open to the public from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our office is considered a health care facility and visitors are required to wear a mask. Community members are urged to continue accessing county services through telephone, email or webpages. Documents may be placed in the drop box or mailed to 5240 N.E. Elam Young Parkway, Suite 150, MS 70, Hillsboro, OR 97124. Please email us through the Mental Health Services webpage or call 503-846-4528 for assistance.

The CATT Program Development Work Group has completed its mission and is officially retired as of June 2022. We want to thank all the participants for their time, commitment and expertise. The CATT Leadership Team is moving the project into the implementation phase and the project structure is being reorganized to support this transition.

We are fortunate to have many experts help us develop the CATT. People from local treatment providers, other agencies and individuals with lived experience make up the Program Development Work Group. Together they have developed key elements of the project and created the foundation of the CATT including:

  • Services that should be included
  • Size and scale of the program
  • Emphasis on cultural responsiveness
  • Facility features

View the Program Development Work Group charter and roster.

Charter (PDF 208.3 KB)
Roster (PDF 170.63 KB)

Meeting summaries and presentations are below:



Meeting Summary (PDF 221.05 KB)
Presentation (PDF 1.89 MB)

April -

no meeting

February -

Meeting Summary (PDF 242.33 KB)
Presentation (PDF 2.42 MB)


December -

Meeting Summary (PDF 281.73 KB)
Presentation (PDF 2 MB)

November -

no meeting, meetings shifting to every other month

October -

Meeting Summary (PDF 177.83 KB)
Presentation (PDF 798.31 KB)

September -

Meeting Summary (PDF 173.13 KB)
Presentation (PDF 956.85 KB)

June through August -

summer break

May -

Meeting Summary (PDF 298.35 KB)
Presentation (PDF 565.85 KB)

April -

Meeting Summary (PDF 276.71 KB)
Presentation (PDF 664.17 KB)

March -

no meeting

February -

Meeting Summary (PDF 242.33 KB)
Presentation (PDF 499.03 KB)

January -

Meeting Summary (PDF 198.08 KB)
Presentation (PDF 258.73 KB)


December -

Meeting Summary (PDF 209.09 KB)
Presentation (PDF 228.03 KB)

November -

Meeting Summary (PDF 208.49 KB)
Presentation (PDF 287.43 KB)