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Community Corrections Glossary

A glossary of terms used on the Corrections Center website.

Common Acronyms 

AA : Alcoholics Anonymous 

CA : Cocaine Anonymous 

CCC : Community Corrections Center 

CHS : Custodial Home Supervision 

DC : Drug Court 

EHD : Electronic Home Detention 

MA : Marjiuana Anonymous 

MHC: Mental Health Court 

MRT : Moral Reconation Therapy 

NA : Narcotics Anonymous 

P&P: Parole and Probation 

PO : Parole/Probation Officer 

PPS : Post-Prison Supervision 

PV : Parole/Probation Violation 

TSI : Turn Self In 

UA: Urine Analysis 

WCCC : Washington County Community Corrections 

WCCCC : Washington County Community Corrections Center 

WCJ : Washington County Jail 


Common Terms 

Local Control : Measure 11 offenses supervised by Parole Officers. 

Sanctioned : Parole and Probation Officer issued disciplinary action for violation of supervision conditions (not following the rules of supervision). 

Sentenced : Court-ordered sentence by a Judge 

TL/Transitional Lodger: Residents who stay at the WCCCC for a temporary basis who are not in custody, but are on supervision in Washington County.