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Lists the rules for visitation, appropriate forms of ID to present, and a link to Visitation & Drop-off Hours and Days.

Rules & Guidelines 

  • Check in and check out with WCCCC front desk staff. Show staff picture identification (ID) from the Accepted ID for Social Visitors list below. 

  • Visitors may have to be on a resident’s visitor list at the Washington County Jail (WCJ), depending on the resident’s classification. Please call before you visit to find out. 

  • Follow rules and guidelines for appropriate dress. 

  • Do not behave in a way that threatens the safety, security, or good order of the WCCCC. 

  • Watch and control your child or children at all times. Do not leave a child alone, with a stranger, or with anyone younger than the age of 18. WCCCC staff will not care for your child. 

  • Go right to and from the assigned visiting area. Talk to staff about using the bathrooms. 

  • Your visit can only be 1 hour long. End your visit before the end of 1 hour. 

  • Do not come to the WCCCC under the influence of (after taking) drugs or alcohol. 

  • Do not take or bring contraband into the WCCCC or a visiting area. If you do this, you may be arrested and prosecuted under ORS 162.185. (Contraband is anything CCC staff do not allow or have not given. It includes things like weapons, drugs, cell phones, sharp objects, and food and drinks.) 

  • Do not change, damage, mark, or dirty WCCCC property. 

  • Anything you do that doesn’t follow the rules and guidelines above can mean that you will lose visitation privileges (the ability to visit the WCCCC). 


Accepted ID for Social Visitors 



• State-issued ID Card  

• Passport 

• Military ID Card 


Children (age 15 and younger) 

• No formal ID needed 

• Must be with an adult with accepted ID 


Please read the Visitation & Drop Off's Hours/Days to plan your visit to the WCCCC.