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Alternate Format Ballot (AFB) Request

Request an Alternate Format Ballot (AFB) with our online form.

For voters unable to use a standard printed ballot the Elections office offers the Alternate Format Ballots (AFB). The AFB lets voters with print disabilities (e.g. vision impairment, learning disability, etc.) to vote privately and independently at home.

We offer two types of Alternate Format Ballots (AFB):

  1. Large Print Ballot
    The Large Print Ballot for those who have visual difficulties reading the print on a standard ballot. The Large Print Ballot is printed with an 18/20 size font. The standard ballot is printed with a 9/10 size font.
    View a Comparison of font sizes
    View a comparison of the Large Print Ballot with a standard ballot
  2. HTML Ballot
    HTML Ballot is a document that opens in a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The ballots are sent via e-mail, a mailed CD or obtained from a on-line site. Of course, you will still need to print out your ballot and return it in the official secrecy and signature envelopes provided to you by the county.

To request a Large Print Ballot or a HTML Ballot, call The Washington County Elections Office or complete and submit the AFB Request form.

You must be a registered voter in Washington County to Request an Alternate Format Ballot.

Request an Alternate Format Ballot 

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