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Supportive Housing Services

Learn about the regional Supportive Housing Services (SHS) program that was established after the passing of Measure 26-210.

A regional program to address homelessness

On May 19, 2020, Measure 26-210 passed and established the regional Supportive Housing Services (SHS) program. The SHS program is funded with income taxes on high-earning households and business profits. Estimated to generate $2 billion over ten years, it is the largest per capita investment in the nation dedicated to ending homelessness.

Funds are distributed as follows: Washington County (33.3%), Multnomah County (45.3%) and Clackamas County (21.3%). Each County implements the program according to local needs and best practices, working collaboratively to address homelessness across the region.

Local Implementation Plan

Program principles

  • Create stable housing for all;
  • Lead with racial equity and work toward racial justice;
  • Fund proven solutions and improve systems;
  • Leverage existing capacity and resources;
  • Demonstrate outcomes and impact through stable housing solutions;
  • Ensure transparent oversight and accountability;
  • Center people with lived experience; and
  • Embrace regionalism and local expertise.

Program overview

Supportive Housing is a demonstrated approach to ending homelessness with wrap around supports tailored to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities who have experienced prolonged homelessness. These supportive housing programs ensure housing stability with long-term rent assistance paired with case management and services including employment and educational supports, peer supports, recovery programs and behavioral healthcare, and on-site and community-based programs.

The Supportive Housing Services Program is designed to mitigate racial disparities in our communities by leading with racial equity in engagement, program design and outcome evaluation through implementation.

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