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Co-parenting Counseling

Co-parenting counseling options for parents who are separating or divorcing.

Washington County residents with children who are seeking to resolve issues about their relationship, to discuss issues of separation or divorce adjustment, or to discuss co-parenting concerns can access counseling through Conciliation Services.  Counseling is Confidential. 

This service is offered to the couples, is intended to be short term in nature, and is not intended to provide mental health treatment for concerns beyond the scope of the separation or conciliation matter.  If you or your counselor identifies additional mental health issues that need to be addressed, your counselor will make appropriate referrals to available services within the Washington County area to address your concern. 

Additional Information:  

  • Both parties must participate. No children.  
  • To help make counseling work you will be expected to take part in activities that support positive change during sessions and between sessions. 
  • Offered on a voluntary or court ordered basis. 
  • Eligibility: Residents of Washington County with minor children, or parties who have a Washington County Domestic Relations Case. 
  • Cost: If parties have never used counseling services before, the first four sessions are free; $80 thereafter. 
  • Sessions: All sessions are 60 to 90 minutes in duration and can be scheduled between 9 -3:30 Monday through Friday.  
  • Availability varies by day. Please contact Conciliation Services for current scheduling options.