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Court Ordered and Voluntary Mediation

Mediation guide for parents who are separating or divorcing – both court ordered and voluntary.

Court Ordered Mediation

Parties are required to complete Mediation Orientation before scheduling their required Mediation session. Orientation is an information session to help prepare you for mediation and is conducted in a classroom-like setting.  


Step 1 

Coordinate: Per the court order, parties are expected to complete the same orientation.  

  • Please coordinate with your co-parent and ensure that each of you have individually registered for the same date.  

  • No coordination is necessary if there is an order in place preventing contact with your co-parent. 

Step 2 

Register: Each participant must register themselves online.  Have your case number available. 

Step 3

Submit Paperwork: The following documents must be completed and returned no later than 5 days before your scheduled Orientation. 

  • Complete and return via e-mail: [email protected] or

  •  Fax: 503- 846-3753.  

  • Please make sure both sides of all documents are completed and included.  

  • You may request a confirmation of receipt by e-mail.  

Step 4 

Participate: Parties must complete Mediation Orientation before scheduling their required Mediation.   

Orientation Day Details: 

  • Only named parties may attend Orientation.    
  • Accompanying parties may wait in the lobby.   
  • Children may not be present. Please plan accordingly.  
  • Planning for your appointment:  If you arrive late, you may need to re-register for another session.  
  • Both Orientation and Mediation sessions are scheduled for two hours. Please be prepared to commit to two hours for each appointment.  
  • There is no charge for Orientation.  
  • Upon completing Orientation, you will be provided with next steps for scheduling your required Mediation session.  

Note: Parties are required to complete one (1) Mediation session in addition to Mediation Orientation.  

Voluntary Mediation 

Can I mediate without a court order?  

If you DO NOT have an active open domestic relations case, you may utilize mediation services on a voluntary basis.   


  • Must have child(ren) under the age of 18   

  • At least one parent must be a resident of Washington Co.  

  • Both parties must jointly agree to access our services before an appointment can be scheduled.  

Additional Information:  

  • Cost: Voluntary Mediation services cost $80/session.  

  • Privacy: Mediation is confidential.  

  • Availability varies by day. Please contact Conciliation Services for current scheduling options. Have previous case number available (if you have had a case previously and it is now closed).