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Board approves planned road maintenance activities for FY 2024-25

The Road Maintenance Program outlines our road maintenance activities.
Media release

The Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT) list of planned road maintenance activities for the upcoming fiscal year was approved by the Board of Commissioners during its regular meeting Tuesday.

The FY 2024-25 Road Maintenance Program outlines the preventative maintenance work planned for our road crews and contractors. Highlights include:

  • 11.34 miles of chip seal pavement repair performed by LUT crews
  • 5.29 miles of paving performed by LUT crews
  • 4.55 miles of paving done by contractors
  • 4 major culvert replacements
  • 250 miles of sweeping bike lanes, shoulders and riparian management areas
  • 1,800 miles of clearing and trimming roadside vegetation

Preventative road maintenance activities save tax dollars. Additional resources are available for unexpected events like emergencies, road service requests or unplanned needs. For more information visit: