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Goosechase is a free-to-play, downloadable application that the Solid Waste & Recycling division leverages to engage community members through fun, interactive play.
Goosechase is a free-to-play, downloadable application.

New Year, Greener You

One of the many ways people celebrate a new year is to create New Year’s resolutions. Join our “New Year, Greener You” game to help you achieve your sustainability goals for 2023! Whether your New Year’s resolution is to become “greener,” save money, have more fun, spend time with family, or even participate in events in your community, Goosechase is for you! 

This is a fun and interactive opportunity for all members of our community ꟷ youth, friends, family, coworkers and neighbors ꟷ to take actions toward sustainability in the new year.

Still have questions? Contact [email protected]


  • Anyone who lives or works in Washington County, Oregon can play.
  • Family and friends living outside of the county may play and earn points but are not eligible to enter prize drawings.

Step 1: Download Goosechase on iOS or Android.

Step 2: Sign in as a guest or create an account.

Step 3: Enter game code GD7J98 or search New Year, Greener You  

Step 4: Get started on your missions! Last day for submissions is January 31, 2023.

  • Each mission will have a task and a specific way to submit that mission for points: text, photo, video or GPS/location check-in. 
    • For example, a mission might be to take a picture of an item you found in your recycling bin that should have gone in the garbage and post it to the app.
  • All missions are voluntary, and you can choose which ones you want to try. 
  • Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the mission.
  • Challenge others to see who can complete the most missions and earn the most points.
  • Visit Goosechase’s webpage to learn more.

  • All submissions that require sensitive participant information, such as the Prizes-Drawings mission for contact information, will automatically be private and only be used to award prizes.
  • All other mission submissions will be public for other participants to view to maintain a fun and competitive environment. 

All missions are either located in Washington County, Oregon or can be completed online.

There are many different missions for you to try! Here are just a few examples:

  • Take a selfie with your favorite house plant!
  • Borrow/replace a book from a Little Free Library.
  • Attend PlanetCon, a community collection event, and share one thing you learned.

  • Anyone who lives or works in Washington County, Oregon is eligible for prizes.
  • All eligible participants who submit at least two missions can be entered for a drawing.

Eligible participants who would like to be entered for a drawing need to submit at least two missions and also complete the mission titled Prizes-Drawings.

There will be several drawings for fun "zero-waste" prizes such as travel utensil kits, metal boba straws, travel tea mugs, collapsible to-go containers, silicone snack bags and silicone food coverings.