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Information about your WIC appointment

Information about how to prepare for your Washington County WIC appointment. Including what to bring and what to expect.

Services will continue to be provided by phone, text and email.

WIC is here to help. Text WCWIC to 61222 to start communicating with us. Before visiting the WIC office, call 503-846-3555 or email [email protected]. To sign up for WIC, call, email or complete our online interest form.

What to do before your WIC appointment 

WIC Clinic
  • Call or email to make an appointment.
  • Expect a reminder phone call from a WIC staff person the day before your appointment.
  • Gather these documents:
    • Identification, such as:
      • Oregon driver's license
      • State ID card, a passport
      • Work or school ID
      • Oregon Health Plan medical ID card
      • Current WIC ID card
    • Proof of income, such as:
      • Oregon Health Plan approval letter
      • SNAP (food stamps) award letter
      • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Notice of Approval, or most recent Change Notice letter
      • 1 month of most recent pay stubs
      • Unemployment benefit stub
      • Most recent W2 forms or income tax return
      • Foster child/parent placement letter
      • Signed letter from employer stating gross earnings
    • Proof of residence, such as:
      • Oregon driver's license
      • State ID card
      • Current utility bill
      • Bank statement
      • Rent receipt
  • Respond to any emails that come from WIC

What to expect at your WIC appointment 

During your phone appointment, a staff person will: 

  • Ask for recent weight and height measurements for you and your family (if you have these).
  • Talk about your family’s growth and development
  • Work together with you to create a family health and nutrition plan
  • Connect you to community services
  • Give you a card that will allow you to buy WIC-approved foods at local grocery stores.


Hillsboro WIC

254 N 1st Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124