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County Auditor Announces 2023 Audit Schedule

County Auditor Kristine Adams-Wannberg releases the list of audits that will start this year.
Media release

HILLSBORO, OR:  Washington County Auditor Kristine Adams-Wannberg announced her 2023 audit schedule. The schedule is the Auditor’s work plan of audits started during the year to assess County government performance and accountability. They cover a mix of services where the public feels direct impacts, as well as some internal topics on County administrative policies and processes.

Adams-Wannberg, said, “I selected the 2023 audits based on input from the public, as well as community and Washington County leaders. I greatly appreciate people’s willingness to talk with me about their questions and propose areas where they feel an objective analysis would be useful.” 

ABOUT THE WASHINGTON COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE: The County Auditor, elected County-wide, conducts performance audits and special studies that provide accountability to the public and improve Washington County programs, services, and operations. The Office of the Auditor was created through changes to the County's home rule charter approved by voters in the early 1980s. The County Auditor operates independently of the Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator. The Auditor answers directly to the residents of Washington County and determines the programs and services to be audited.


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