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Auditor's Office

Welcome to the Auditor’s website from Washington County Auditor John Hutzler.

I am John Hutzler, the Washington County Auditor. I would like to welcome you to the Auditor's website, and thank you for your interest in my office. 

John Hutzler

The County Auditor, elected County-wide, conducts performance audits and special studies that provide accountability to the public and improve Washington County programs, services, and operations. 
The Office of the Auditor was created in changes to the County's home rule charter approved by voters over 40 years ago.  The County Auditor operates independently of the Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator. The Auditor answers directly to the citizens of Washington County and determines the programs and services to be audited.
I have extensive auditing experience and knowledge of public-sector management systems and business practices, and a staff of highly-qualified government auditors to assist me in auditing County programs and operations.  In conducting our audits, we follow professional auditing standards that require a high level of independence, objectivity, sound professional judgment, and regular quality assurance reviews.  All of my reports are available to the public online at this web site or by contacting the Auditor's Office to request a copy.