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Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Learn about the mission, values, and goals of the Auditor's Office.

Mission: To promote better government accountability, public policy, and County services through impactful audits and analyses.

Vision: The Auditor’s Office is a valued contributor to the continuous improvement of County government for the public good.

Values: Accountability, integrity, independence, impact, and equity

  • Accountability – We value commitments of organizations and individuals to being responsible and transparent for the decisions and/or actions they take and being able to give a satisfactory reason for them.
  • Integrity – We value performance of work with an attitude that is objective, fact-based, nonpartisan, and nonideological with regard to audited entities and users of audit reports.
  • Independence – We value independence. This includes two aspects:
    • The state of mind that permits the conduct of an audit without being affected by influences that compromise auditors’ professional judgment.
    • The absence of circumstances that would cause a reasonable, informed third party to conclude that the integrity, objectivity, or professional skepticism of an audit organization or member of the audit team has been compromised.
  • Impact – We value making County government accountable and better able to serve the public.
  • Equity – We believe public resources and power should be used fairly and ethically in the creation and delivery of government policy and services.


  • Improve government accountability and performance
  • Maximize team effectiveness and fulfillment.
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