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Community Resources and Education

The Sheriff’s Office provides education and resources to the public on important topics and works hard to foster communication and partnerships between law enforcement and all Washington County communities.
Deputy at community meeting

Our Public Affairs team works with other staff, community members, businesses, and allied agencies throughout Washington County to educate and maintain transparency and effectiveness through proper communication.

We provide safety presentations, create and distribute resources, establish and maintain partnerships, develop and host programs for a wide range of audiences, and attend community meetings and events. Most importantly, we are available and receptive to all needs by staying in tune, adapting, and providing the best service possible by listening to those we serve.

We invite you to learn more about our available resources below. If you have questions or recommendations for additional services, please send us an email.

Public Safety Resources

  • Home and Neighborhood Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Livability Issues
  • Houseless Communities
  • One Pill Can Kill
  • Victim Services

Community Outreach

  • Safety Presentations
  • Event Requests
  • Schedule a tour

Sign up for Safety Programs geared for your needs

  • Elder Safe
  • Project Lifesaver
  • Help Me Home
  • Safety Academies
  • Power Curve

Connect with your Community Outreach Specialist

Outreach TypeCoverage AreaEmail/Phone

Spanish Outreach

Immigrant, Refugee, Multi-Cultural Communities

[email protected]


Central and East Area Outreach

Aloha, Metzger, Bull Mountain, Unincorporated East County/South Cities

[email protected]


North Area Outreach

Bethany, Cedar Mill, Oak Hills, Rock Creek, Raleigh Hills, Garden Home

[email protected]


Older Adult Outreach

Older Adult Communities (aged 65+)

[email protected]


West Area and Municipal Outreach

Rural and Western Washington County,
Cities of Cornelius, Banks, Gaston, and North Plains, all other non-specified locations                

[email protected]


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