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During a disaster, use voice phone calls for emergency purposes only, such as calling 911 for help. Text for everything else.

Connect with your phone

Texting is preferred

During a disaster, use voice phone calls for emergency purposes only, such as calling 911 for help. Text for everything else. A text will usually get through when lines are busy. If you can’t call 911 because of a busy line, try texting 911.

Wireless emergency alerts (WEA)

Your cell phone is able to alert you to dangerous weather, missing children, and other critical situations using Wireless Emergency Alerts. Make sure this feature is enabled on your phone.

Connect with preparedness information

Take5toSurvive is our source for disaster preparedness information in Washington County. You’ll find flyers, five-minute preparedness projects, and lots of helpful disaster preparedness information. is a national emergency preparedness website with lots of great disaster preparedness information. You’ll find information on hazards, emergency plan tools, and resources for everyone. has great emergency preparedness information, links to local events and disaster skills classes, the ability to donate to support people affected by disaster, and much more.

Emergency Applications

  • Everbridge alerts you to emergencies and critical community incidents in Washington County when they are happening.
  • Emergency American Red Cross lets you monitor conditions in your area or areas of loved ones, check to see if loved ones are safe and let them know you’re safe.
  • FEMA delivers fast and reliable notifications about severe weather for up to five locations nationwide. Includes safety information and preparedness tips.
  • PulsePoint empowers individuals with the ability to provide lifesaving assistance to victims of cardiac arrest.
  • Nextdoor helps you stay informed about what’s going on in your neighborhood. Washington County and cities share important information on Nextdoor.

Connect with real-time information

Weather information anywhere is provided by the National Weather Service. This mobile-friendly website has real-time weather information (including severe weather watches and warnings) and local area forecasts.

Real-time information at home

NOAA Weather Radio is a source for real-time severe weather alerts and warnings and other local hazardous conditions. The radios use location technology to ensure you only receive warnings for your area.

Community notification system allows you to sign-up for emergency notifications for your home, school, or workplace in Washington County. You can choose to receive alerts by phone call, text, or email.

Connect with people and your community

There are many ways to connect with other preparedness-minded people. Washington County hosts Citizen Corps and affiliated programs which are great ways to volunteer and get involved.

The mission of Citizen Corps is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds. Programs that offer opportunities to volunteer and get involved include Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Community Emergency Response Team, Medical Reserve Corps, and Neighborhood Watch.

Additional Resources

Use this text for additional details. For accessibility, make sure the alert conveys its importance with more than just the color.

  • PublicAlerts: @PublicAlerts
  • Portland National Weather Service: @NWSPortland
  • Red Cross Cascades: @RedCrossCasc
  • Oregon Office of Emergency Management: @OregonOEM
  • Washington County: @WashcoOregon
  • Washington County Roads: @WashcoRoads

Get involved: Volunteer programs in Washington County

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