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Health and Wellness

Washington County is committed to supporting your wellness by providing access to online personal health assessments, health-related webinars and other strategies to support the overall health of you and your family through the Virgin Pulse platform.

Washington County pays 90% of the medical/dental/vision premium for you and your family. However, Washington County will contribute an additional 5% towards your medical/dental/vision premium if you choose to participate in the Wellness Incentive program.

You must earn the minimum number of points required each year in Virgin Pulse to receive the Wellness Incentive for the following year. Qualified members see the Wellness Incentive applied on January 1st of each year.

Alternative care

Our medical plans offer services with naturopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist providers at low cost to members.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP program helps you privately solve problems that may interfere with your work, family, and life in general. EAP services are FREE to you, your dependents, and all household members.

Simply call, identify yourself and your employer to access resources such as childcare and financial services, the home ownership program, and more. EAP services are always confidential and provided by experts in their field.

Wellness resources

The Wellness platform provides access to:

  • Health coaching programs at no cost which includes personalized goal setting with manageable steps.
  • Programs designed to empower you to lose weight, prevent diabetes, improve your diet, manage stress, exercise, or stop using tobacco.
  • Special rates on workout videos and gym memberships.
  • Self-care apps that can help to navigate mental and emotional challenges.

In addition, there are online tools such as fitness videos, podcasts, and recipes from world-class chefs.

Discounts and savings

Another great benefit offered through our medical plans is access to the LifeBalance and CHP Active and Healthy programs. You will find discounts on products and activities such as travel, tourist attractions, skiing/snowboarding, movies, event tickets, retail items and much more.

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