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Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability provides guidance for sustainable best practices and supports work to reduce the County's footprint.

Since 2009, Washington County has formally worked to reduce its environmental footprint, address social equity, and ensure we use financial resources responsibly. Washington County recognizes the role and responsibility for public agencies to operate sustainably and empowers the Office of Sustainability to lead this work. The Office of Sustainability promotes best practices at the County and helps implement the County Sustainability Plan. 

Some of the work we do in these areas include: 

  • Reduce waste, fleet fuel, energy, and water use. 
  • Promote transportation options, green purchases, and equity, diversity, and inclusion. 
  • Create and support sustainable plans and policies. 
  • Track and measure progress. 
  • Educate employees about sustainability. 
  • Participate in Partners for a Sustainable Washington County Community (PSWCC). 

The Office of Sustainability works to promote the triple bottom line. This three-part approach ensures that all aspects of sustainability – environment, economy and equity – are included in the County's business operations. Washington County strives to improve the triple bottom line through policies and programs that:

  • Foster workplace excellence by empowering and engaging employees.
  • Connect a healthy environment with wellness and better quality of life.
  • Recognize and celebrate cultural differences while creating a collaborative work environment.
  • Promote responsible stewardship of County resources.

Washington County is also a founding member of Partners for a Sustainable Washington County Community (PSWCC).  PSWCC is a member-led group of 15 regional partners who work together in sustainability.  We have bi-monthly meetings on topics like climate action planning, data tracking, remote work, electric vehicles, and more.

To learn more about our work, please explore this page.  We have resources about all the topics listed above. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].