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Business Personal Property Assessment

In Oregon, all businesses need to file an annual confidential Business Personal Property Return with their local assessor. Find resources and information about Business Personal Property here.

Options for filing your tax return​

Step 1: ​I am a new filer in Washington County​- Click here.

Step 2: I have filed before in Washington County and:​

I have 500 or fewer taxable assets to report – Use Smartfile​​​

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I have over 500 taxable assets to report – Use WebFile​

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I want to file my return in person or by regular mail​

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Important dates for 2024​

  • Filing Deadline – March 15th
    • 3/16 – 6/3 (5% penalty of tax)​
    • 6/4 – 8/1 (25% penalty of tax)​
    • After 8/1 (50% penalty of tax)​
  • Tax Payment Due – November 15th​
  • 2023 BoPTA Appeal Deadline – January 2, 2024

Contact us​

Phone: 503-846-8838​
Para Español: 503-846-3995​
Fax: 503-846-3806​
Email: [email protected]
Physical/ Mailing Address:​
155 N. 1st Ave, STE 200, MS-8A​
Hillsboro, OR 97124​

Business Personal Property FAQs

What are Business Personal Property taxes?​

Nearly all business operating in Oregon must file a Business Personal Property tax return each year and pay taxes on the furniture, fixtures and equipment that are in place to run the business.​

How are Business Personal Property assets assessed and tax amounts calculated?​
  • Assets are assessed based on the RMV (Real Market Value) of the asset at the time of assessment (January 1st of the tax year). The RMV is based on the original cost of the asset and the depreciable life of the asset. The county uses a Valuation Guideline, published by the Oregon Department of Revenue, to determine the RMV at the time of assessment.​
  • Taxes are calculated using the total RMV multiplied by a percentage based on the tax code area in which the business resides. These percentages can differ by regions within Washington County based on many factors -- local bond measures, school districts, fire and police protection districts, etc. Click HERE for more information​
What assets are taxable?​
  • Business personal property including, but not limited to, furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, leasehold improvements, etc. (includes idle assets, assets placed in storage, and assets held for sale)​
  • A list of commonly reported assets is included on the Personal Property Return form.​
What assets are non-taxable?​
  • Intangible personal property. Money at interest, bonds, notes, shares of stock, business records, canned computer software, surveys and designs, and the materials on which the data are recorded (paper, tape, film, etc.) (ORS 307.020).​
  • All items held exclusively for personal use. Household goods, furniture, clothing, tools, and equipment used exclusively for personal use in and around your home (ORS 307.190).​
  • Farm animals. Livestock, poultry, fur-bearing animals, and bees (ORS 307.394).​
  • Inventories. Items of tangible personal property which are or will be sold in the ordinary course of business (materials, containers, goods in process, and finished goods) (ORS 307.400).​
  • Farm machinery and equipment (ORS 307.394).​
  • Licensed vehicles other than fixed load/mobile equipment (ORS 801.285).​
  • Environmentally Sensitive Logging Equipment.​
What happens if I don’t file my return by the deadline?​
  • Personal Property tax returns must be filed on or before March 15th each year (if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, it is the next business day).​
  • The penalty for late filing is 5 percent of the tax owed if the return is filed after March 15, but on or before June 1. The penalty increases to 25 percent of the tax owed if the return is filed after June 1, but on or before August 1. After August 1, the penalty is 50 percent of the tax owed (ORS 308.296).​
What are my tax payment options?​

Click HERE for information about paying your taxes​.

I’ve sold/closed my business – what now?​

Click HERE for more information.


Business Personal Property

155 N First Avenue
Suite 200, MS - 8A​
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

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