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Washington County wants you to be prepared for your financial wellness. We provide tools and resources to you for financial security and peace of mind.

457b Deferred Compensation Plan

Employees are invited to participate in the 457b Deferred Compensation Plan through VOYA Financial. This voluntary program allows you to save money and defer taxes until you take distribution at retirement. You will have access to a variety of investments options and dedicated financial professionals to help you plan for retirement.

Oregon's Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

If you're eligible and have satisfied the 6-month waiting period, you are automatically enrolled in PERS. Most PERS eligible employees pay a 6% employee contribution. If you're a member of the Washington County Police Officers Association (WCPOA) the County will cover the contribution.

In addition to the 6% contribution to the IAP, Washington County also pays monthly into the PERS pension fund. This means at retirement, employees will have a defined benefit plan as well as their defined contribution plan.

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