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Custody Information – Booking, Accounts, and Property

Find information needed regarding custody within our jail, including the booking process, how to deposit money on a jail account, and allowed property.
deputy during the booking process

There are a lot of details to consider and learn regarding custody at our jail. Adults who are lodged go through an orientation and receive a manual to help them learn the jail rules. Refer to the information below to learn more about the booking process, jail accounting, personal belongings, and available programs.

The booking process

When an Adult in Custody (AIC) arrives at the Washington County Jail they undergo a complete booking process, which could take up to several hours.

  • A deputy initially searches for contraband such as drugs or weapons. 
  • Staff collect personal property such as jewelry, money, or other valuables and place it in secure storage. 
  • AICs are photographed, fingerprinted, and issued an ID bracelet, and staff provides clothing, shoes, and undergarments issued by the jail. 
  • A booking clerk inputs charges and interviews each AIC, recording their answers in a computer system.
  • A licensed medical staff member completes a medical intake assessment on each newly booked AIC. 
  • When the booking file is complete, a jail deputy reviews it and assesses the AIC's criminal history, their ties to the community, and the list of current charges against them. This information helps assess whether the AIC is lodged in jail or a good candidate for release. 

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Jail accounts

Every Adult in Custody (AIC) booked into our jail has access to a jail account that functions similar to a bank account. At the time of arrest, any cash an AIC has in their possession is deposited into this account. Other adults may deposit money into an AIC's account as well. Family and friends can deposit online, or at the Sheriff's Office with cash, cashier checks, and money orders as outlined below. Upon release, AIC's receive the balance of any remaining funds in their account.

An AIC may use the money in their account to post bail, pay fees, or purchase commissary items such as hygiene supplies, writing materials, and snacks. Commissary orders are delivered once per week; an AIC must complete orders by 7:00 am Tuesday to make the weekly Friday delivery. You should deposit money by Sunday evening if you want it available for the AIC to use in that week's commissary order. 

Note:  Once posted, money deposited into an AIC's account becomes their property. If an AIC has a negative account balance, up to 60% of the money deposited is used to pay debts. 

Depositing money

You may deposit money into an AIC's account online, in-person, or by mail.


  • Access Corrections is our third-party vendor providing online deposit services. There may be fees associated with their service.
  • Any questions regarding online deposits, please go direct with Access Corrections.
  • Acceptable forms of deposit: contact Access Corrections for more information.
deposit slip for AIC


  • You may deposit money any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our Records Unit located inside the Sheriff’s Office – 215 SW Adams Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123.
  • You must present government-issued photo identification.
  • Acceptable forms of deposit: cash, U.S. Postal Service money order, or a cashier’s check from a bank. 

By Mail

  • Make deposit payable to AIC and include their booking number.
  • Send to:
    • [AIC's Name and Booking Number]
      Washington County Jail
      215 SW Adams Ave MS-35
      Hillsboro, OR 97123
  • Acceptable forms of deposit: cashier’s check, money orders, government checks – all made payable to AIC *You may send cash, but we do not recommend it. 

Note: We do not accept payroll, personal, business, or two-party checks. We do not accept government checks for an AIC on a walk-in basis; however, you may mail a government check to an AIC for deposit.

Deposit limits


  • You may deposit cash in any amount in person. 
  • An ATM is available near the transaction service counter. Please note, your financial institution may set a daily withdrawal limit. 

U.S. Postal Service Money Orders and Bank Cashier’s Checks 

  • Maximum $100 per sender per day. A person may only deposit one type of money order and one cashier's check per day for an AIC, either by mail or in person.

Access Corrections Online Deposits

  • Maximum limit of $300 cash per day
  • Maximum limit of $300 on a credit card per week.

Releasing funds to others

An AIC may release funds in their account to another party but must maintain a minimum balance of $20 in their account. Only one money release is allowed per booking. Contact the AIC if you wish to have the AIC release money for any reason.

All money releases are in the form of a check and are typically mailed to the payee by a jail accounting specialist. Jail staff will not accept any walk-in requests to have an AIC release money unless it is a validated urgent situation. The requester can expect a substantial waiting period while an approved walk-in money release is processed.

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Property and belongings

Upon arrest, personal belongings are inventoried and stored in our property room. Each AIC has one bin that is equivalent in size to a recycle bin to store their allowed personal property, including clothing, wallet, jewelry, and any other items they had when brought to the jail.

jail property and belongings area

The jail will not hold some belongings, such as weapons, hazardous materials, illegal items, alcohol, food, or drinks. Some of which may be destroyed (such as food or hazardous materials), or the arresting agency may store these or larger items. If this is the case, a receipt is placed in the AIC’s property bin indicating the items’ location.

Everything an AIC needs while in custody is issued by jail or medical staff or is available for purchase through the jail commissary. AICs may also receive select items by mail, however, senders must obey all rules as listed in our Mail Guides.

Mail Guide in English (PDF 343.16 KB)

Even though AICs may receive approved items, they are limited in the amount of property kept in their cell. All excess property will be stored in their property room bin. AICs do not have access to the property room.

Release of property

An AIC may release property from jail storage to an authorized recipient, except clothing the AIC will wear when released or transferred to another facility. Releasing property is an "all or nothing" transaction and you may not request single or selected items. The receiving person must be at least 18 years old and meet eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

The property recipient may be anyone, except one of the following:

  • Another AIC
  • An AIC at the Community Corrections Center
  • An AIC on the Electronic Home Detention program
  • A person on probation or parole, unless he or she is the current spouse of the AIC
  • A person with an arrest warrant
  • A minor, unless he or she is the current spouse of the AIC
  • Anyone who was a former AIC of the jail in the last year, unless he or she is the current spouse of the AIC

An AIC should sign the property release form before someone comes to pick up the property. If the form is not signed, it could take several hours for staff to route the paperwork and prepare the items for release. We do not interrupt an AIC’s work duties, classes, or court appearances to sign the release form.

With official photo identification, the authorized recipient can pick up property from the jail lobby desk during the regular lobby hours of 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Delivering property

Pre-approved and very select items may be delivered to an AIC. These are limited to medical needs, court clothes for a jury trial, special-fit clothing for AICs who can’t wear issued clothing, or clothes for the AIC to wear upon release.

The following rules apply:

  • Only adults with photo identification may deliver property for an AIC.
  • Before an AIC receives any medical items, including eyeglasses, there must be approval from health care staff and a jail supervisor.
  • The jail only accepts medicine currently prescribed by a doctor or other health care provider. Medicine must be in factory-sealed packaging with proper labeling.
    • Pills must be in individual bubble packs.
    • Creams and inhalers must be new and unused in original packaging.
    • Prescription medication labels must show:
      • AIC's name

      • Name of the medication

      • Medication dose and frequency

      • Prescribing doctor's name

    • The jail does not accept prescription vials or bottles

    • You will receive a receipt for the medicine accepted by jail staff; jail medical staff follow the protocols on the prescription (after the prescription is verified).

  • An AIC may receive court clothes up to three days before a court date. We will not accept hair accessories, jewelry, or makeup as a part of court clothes. Court security policy requires female AICs to wear pants, long dresses, or skirts. High-heeled shoes are not allowed.
  • A jail supervisor must approve an AIC to receive any special-fit clothing before being brought to the jail.
  • A jail supervisor must approve an AIC's clothing for release before receiving it at the jail. You may bring approved release clothing up to three days before an AIC's release date.

You may deliver allowed property to the jail lobby desk any day during the regular lobby hours of 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.

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Custody Rights

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Washington County Jail is committed to ensuring all those incarcerated here have equal access to services, programs and/or activities as stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We will provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with a qualifying disability while balancing the jail’s safety, security, operations, and other legitimate penological interests.

If an Adult in Custody (AIC) has a concern, they may:

  • Request an accommodation by filling out an ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request form.
  • Speak with our medical staff regarding their needs due to a disability.
  • Submit a grievance if they believe their issue is not being appropriately addressed.

If you have concerns regarding an AIC’s disabilities, access to available aids and services, or effective communication for you or the AIC, please contact our Jail Staff. You can also contact the Jail at 503-846-2700 for immediate assistance.

Letters can be addressed to:

WCSO Jail ADA Coordinator

215 SW Adams Ave

Hillsboro, Or 97123