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File a Police Report

If you witness a crime or are victim of criminal activity in non-emergency situations within our jurisdictional areas, you can file a police report online or by calling dispatch.

Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies or to report a crime in progress.

The Sheriff's Office provides services to all unincorporated areas in Washington County and municipal partners: Banks, Cornelius, Gaston, and North Plains.  If you witness a crime or are victim of criminal activity in non-emergency situations within our jurisdictional areas, we have the following options to file a police report.

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File a report online

Our online reporting system is only available to report very specific incidents which meet all the following conditions: 

  • Non-emergency event

  • This incident occurred within our Sheriff's Office jurisdiction; however, not within the cities of Banks, Cornelius, Gaston, or North Plains (verify who provides your area policing services)

  • Suspects are unknown. Please confirm you do not have video footage, photos, or other knowledge of who the suspect might be.

If all the above applies, turn off your pop-up blocking software, and proceed to file your report below. Please note: The National Incident-Based Reporting System requires race and sex as mandatory fields.

If your report does not meet all the online filing requirements above, call non-emergency dispatch, 503-629-0111, to speak with a deputy.

Note: We closely monitor online reports and each will be reviewed within two to three business days. We will contact you if, upon review, your case needs further investigation. Filing a false police report is a crime.

File my report online

Upon completion of this report process, you will receive the following confirmations: 

  • See the words: "Your online police report has been submitted." 
  • Receive a police report case number. 
  • Be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records. 

File a report with a deputy

deputy at work

Non-Emergency Dispatch – 503-629-0111

All law enforcement agencies in Washington County use the same central dispatch center. A non-emergency dispatcher will ask you for your contact information and brief details about what you would like to report. The dispatcher uses this information to create a call for service with the appropriate law enforcement agency to assist you. 

The dispatcher will determine if an in-person or phone report is appropriate, and as time allows, a deputy will respond in kind to assist you in making a police report. 

Note: Traffic crash reporting requirements are available through the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website.