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PVAB Appeals Hearings

Get more information about Property Value Appeals Board (PVAB) hearings for the 2024 tax year, including Zoom links for upcoming hearings.

Property Value Appeals Board (PVAB) virtual and in-person hearings

Public hearing for 2024 tax year are for property owners who appeal their property tax valuation. The hearing are held, typically, from February – March.

Hearings for the 2024 tax season will be held virtually, via Zoom or phone, as well as in person. The in-person
hearings will take place in the Public Services Building, 155 N First Ave., Room 120 D-Board

Please click on the links below to access the Zoom meeting you wish to attend virtually.

  • Be patient with us while we work through any technical issues that may come up, if you become disconnected, we will allow a period of five (5) minutes for you to reconnect before continuing.
  • Upon joining the Zoom meeting, all participants will be muted, and video will be turned off until request to speak is received.
  • We will have a brief pause at the end of each scheduled session before reading the next appeal into the records.
    • If you have a question or comment, you may signal us by using the “Raise Hand” button
    • If you are using the phone-in option only and are not logged in on your computer, you can press #9 to use the “Raise Hand” feature or *6 to mute and unmute
    • You may be invited to move into a virtual breakout room to address individual questions
  • All hearings are recorded.

PVAB Hearing

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2.26.24 Hearing Schedule (PDF 27.48 KB)

Dial by your location: 1-253-215-8782 or 1-253-205-0468 | Meeting ID: 862 5175 0228