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Deferral Program for Farmland, Forestland and Natural Spaces

Information on farmland and forestland deferrals, wildlife habitat, riparian zones, and conservation easements.

Oregon law allows for reduced property taxes for farmland, forestland, and some natural spaces. But, you must apply.


Assessment of Farmland in an Exclusive Farm-Use Zone

Assessment of Farmland Not in an Exclusive Farm-Use Zone


Special Assessment Programs for Forestland

Information on the Small Tract Forestland program

More information about forestland assessment and taxation

Wildlife habitat

Application for Wildlife Habitat Conservation and Management Special Assessment

More information about the Wildlife Habitat program

Riparian zones (stream banks)

Application for Property Tax Exemption - Riparian Lands

More information about the Riparian Zone program

Conservation easements

Application for Conservation Easement Special Assessment

If you have questions, you can contact our office at (503) 846-8826

Calculation of deferred taxes

If you would like to know what the estimated deferred taxes would be if land currently under farm or forest deferral were to be disqualified, please submit the form below along with a check for the $70 fee per Map&Tax Lot or acreage designation.


Washington County's supervisory authority, The Department of Revenue, has implemented Oregon Administrative Rule (150-308-1500) which has changed the process by which deferred tax calculations are generated. This change is effective as of 8/15/18.