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Community Corrections

Community Corrections main page and department overview.

Mission: Enhancing public safety by promoting positive behavior change. 

Washington County Community Corrections (WCCC) provides community supervision for justice-involved individuals (JIIs) who are on probation, parole, or who are serving a sentence within the minimum security Community Corrections Center. 

The department supervises approximately 3600 adult JIIs and applies proven behavioral strategies that reduce recidivism and promote community safety. Further, the department serves crime victims and families in their recovery from criminal harm. 

The department includes the following divisions: 

Probation and Parole 

Supervises approximately 3600 justice involved individuals, holding them accountable to the conditions of their supervision while supporting their efforts to live successfully in the community. 

Phone: (503) 846-3400 

Community Corrections Center  

A 215-bed custody facility that prepares people serving sentences to successfully transition back into the community. It offers a secure, structured living environment, while focusing on accountability, employment, treatment, and skill building. 

Phone: (503) 846-4300     

Counseling & Victims' Services (CVS)  

The program provides community counseling, victims’ advocacy, training, education and referral services that help liberate people from the impacts of criminal harm and encourage healthy relationships. 


Community Corrections

155 N First Avenue, Suite 200
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Wednesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Proyecto "Back on Track" será pronto disponible para algunos clientes de Correccionales

Nuevo programa pronto disponible ayudara algunos clientes de Correccionales que no participaron anteriormente en la supervisión obligatoria posterior a la prisión a conectarse con los servicios y resolver su estado de orden sin tiempo en la cárcel.

Project "Back on Track" available soon for some Corrections clients

Washington County Community Corrections will soon offer a short-term opportunity for individuals who have previously failed to participate in mandatory post-prison supervision to reconnect with services and resolve their warrant status without jail time.