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Project "Back on Track" available soon for some Corrections clients

Washington County Community Corrections will soon offer a short-term opportunity for individuals who have previously failed to participate in mandatory post-prison supervision to reconnect with services and resolve their warrant status without jail time.
Media release

Project Back on Track (BOT) is an innovative collaboration between Washington County Community Corrections, the Oregon Department of Corrections and the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. BOT is designed for individuals who have previously been incarcerated but did not participate in mandated community supervision, following their release. This type of behavior is commonly referred to as “absconding supervision” and results in a warrant for the individual’s arrest. Typically, individuals who have absconded from supervision with an active post-prison supervision warrant are arrested and booked into the local jail when located by law enforcement. Those who qualify for BOT will be eligible to resolve their warrant status without facing jail time and re-engage in supervision.

Project Back on Track will allow those who have not participated in their term of post-prison supervision to regain access to a variety of resources, provided directly by Washington County Community Corrections or through partnerships with mentor agencies, treatment providers, housing programs and other critical services providers.

BOT will provide a limited opportunity for individuals who have committed only technical violations of their post-prison supervision to avoid arrest and jail time. While individuals are still accountable for their time on supervision and may receive a non-custody sanction, those who qualify for BOT will not receive a jail sanction as long as they turn themselves in during the project timeframe. Anyone with pending charges for new crimes or has an active probation warrant is not eligible.

During the weeks of October 17-21 and October 24-28, individuals who qualify can report to the Washington County Community Corrections office located at 150 N. 1st Avenue in Hillsboro, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., to get “back on track.” The first step is for individuals who are interested or have questions to call Washington County Community Corrections at 503-846-3400 (option 1) to confirm that they qualify and to schedule a time to report in person.

Washington County Community Corrections provides community supervision for justice-involved individuals and applies proven behavior strategies that reduce recidivism and promote community safety. Community Corrections also serves crime victims and families in their recovery from criminal harm.


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