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Frequently Asked Questions for the Corrections Center

A glossary of terms used on the Corrections Center website.


No. Residents must get approved passes from their counselors before they leave the WCCCC. Most residents will be eligible for (able to get) passes after their initial 14-day blackout period. 

See Residents Page

Yes. Residents are allowed to smoke during the time staff gives for outdoor courtyard breaks. Residents are only allowed store-bought cigarettes. Residents cannot use loose tobacco, pipes, or cigars. Because of current Oregon law, residents under the age of 21 may not get cigarettes in a property drop. 

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Resident Personal Belongings

Yes, but all rides will need to be approved by the resident's counselor before you give the rides. 

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Residential Counselors 

The WCCCC does not have any "books" or accounts for residents. The only thing that residents can use money for is to add money to their Intelmate phone account. Other than Intelmate, there is nothing else that residents can buy in the center.  

Staff will not take money drop-offs. You can only give money in cash to residents during your visitations with them, and you can only give them up to $40.00. Any money more than $40.00 must be in the form of checks, money orders, or cashier checks. 

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Residents page

Residents have a phone in their dorms. They can make phone calls between 9:00AM and 10:00PM. The phone system lets them have prepaid phone accounts, and make collect phone calls. Family and friends can give money to this phone system through the internet, the phone, or the kiosk in the Visitors Room at the WCCCC. Please visit resident's phone system page for more information. 

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Intelmate phone system 

We have many residents at the WCCCC, so we cannot allow you to make a personal phone call or leave a message. Staff may let residents know about messages that are about jobs, or are emergencies. 

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Resident Phone System 

Residents page 

This information is not available to the public. A resident’s transfer is based on whether if WCCCC has enough beds available, if the courts approve, and if the Washington County Jail (WCJ) allows it. 


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Work Release and Alternative Sentencing 

Center Information 

A resident’s personal belongings will be kept at the WCCCC for 30 days after they leave the center. Past residents can come to the WCCCC with picture ID to pick up their personal belongings. If you want to pick up belongings for a past resident who is now at the Washington County Jail (WCJ), you will need to come to the WCCCC to get a release of property form. The resident at the WCJ must sign the property release form to let you pick up their belongings. Then the WCCCC can release (give you) the resident’s belongings if you show them approved ID. If you do not pick up the items before 30 days after the resident left the center, the property will be donated or thrown away. 


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