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Residential Counselors

Information about residential counselors, and contact information for counselors at the Corrections Center.

Each resident is assigned to a Residential Counselor. The counselor will create a personal plan for services for the resident. This will help the resident have a positive stay at the Center, and a successful transition (change over) back into the community. The resident and the counselor create a plan together that meets the resident’s needs, and that follows the conditions and rules of their supervision. 

Counselors monitor (watch over) what residents do in the Center and in the community. After the first “blackout” period of 7-14 days, counselors can approve passes to go out into the community for things like jobs, job searching, treatment, clean and sober support meetings, faith-based activities, social passes, and other activities. Counselors and staff will explain the eligibility for (who is able to get) passes. Eligibility for passes follows WCCCC rules, policies and procedures. 

Counselors can also help residents to get an Oregon identification card and/or a social security card, which they will need for a job. 

Residents will work to search for and get jobs during their time at the Center. They will go through an Employment (Job) Services program that will help them write resumes, go to interviews, and keep going to jobs while they are at the Center. After a resident gets a job, their employer (boss or business owner) must call the Center to give information about the job and schedule to their counselor. 


Amanda Curtis 
Residential Mental Health Counselor 

Dawn Vailea 
Residential Counselor 

Ellie Linder 
Residential Counselor 

Jennifer Ottum 
Residential Counselor 

John Tallmon 
Residential Counselor 

Lucy Earvins 
Residential Counselor 

Meridith Pomeroy 
Residential Counselor 


Patricia Gauss 
Residential Counselor 

Bill Cashell
Residential Counselor

Danita Gorman
Residential Counselor