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Information and activities that can make disaster preparedness fun.

Take 5 to Survive  was created by Washington County emergency managers in response to residents basing their lack of emergency preparedness on three factors –not enough time, not enough money and a belief that disasters won't impact them. The program is supported by a Website and a series of 18 flyers that focus on different topics for individuals and families. The first flyer is a calendar that breaks up emergency preparedness into bite-sized steps each month, addressing the excuses of time and money.

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Neighborhood Ready is a program that keeps communities strong by connecting neighbors so they can work together to deter crime, prepare for and respond to major storms, earthquakes and other emergencies, clean up their neighborhood and socialize. Connected neighborhoods are not only safe, they're fun. Organizing your neighbors, inventorying their skills, and identifying resources are components of this program. Use the Neighborhood ready guide to connect with your neighbors by hosting a Neighborhood Ready meeting.

Neighborhood Ready

Prepare! is a multi-year initiative created by the Cascades Region of the American Red Cross to save lives and livelihoods by preparing individuals, families, schools, businesses, and entire communities to bounce back from disasters of all types and sizes.

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