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Capital Improvement Plan

Washington County adopted the Capital Improvement Plan FY 2024-29 on April 23, 2024. Projects included in the plan address maintenance/preservation, modernization and expansion of infrastructure and resources.

About our Capital Improvement Plan

Our CIP is designed to sustain and improve community infrastructure over time in accordance with community principles. It includes procedural elements that implement the plan, including policies, decision-making structure and annual update processes.

Why create a CIP?

Our CIP can help us:

  • Determine the level of county services to provide to our community.
  • Identify funding mechanisms for desired service levels in an ongoing, annual basis.
  • Provide flexibility to meet changing community needs and priorities.
  • Identify capital project needs, timing, funding and financing across our departments.
  • Review annual program costs and change elements.
  • Advance equitable outcomes for all we serve.

Four Departments; One Washington County

Four Washington County Departments – Facilities, Fleet and Parks; Information Technology Services; Land Use and Transportation; and Finance – collaborated to develop the Capital Improvement Plan FY 2024-29. The plan unifies these Four diverse departments to be more:

  • Human centered
  • Equitable and inclusive
  • Mission focused
  • Responsive and collaborative
  • Transparent in all strategic capital planning efforts

Learn more by reading the Capital Improvement Plan FY 2024-29