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HHS invests $1M in community social and emotional wellness

Washington County HHS has awarded $1,000,000 to 11 community-based organizations to support community-based organizations in strengthening social and emotional wellness across the lifespan.
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In April, Washington County Health and Human Services awarded $1,000,000 to 11 community-based organizations through a competitive one-time grant funding opportunity to support community-based organizations in strengthening social and emotional wellness across the lifespan. The goal of this effort was to develop an equity- and community-centered funding opportunity that offered organizations the opportunity to select social and emotional wellness strategies that were trauma-informed and grounded in racial equity approaches.

The organizations that were funded will contribute a larger body of work in Washington County that aims to improve behavioral health outcomes among children and youth, adults, and older adults in Washington County, particularly for Black/African American, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, People of Color, immigrant and refugee, LGBTQ+ communities, or those living at the intersection of those identities. This grant was made possible through a unique braided funding approach across multiple HHS programs that included funds from nine different local, state and federal sources.

Grant awards were selected through a rigorous review process that involved internal and external partners. The organizations listed below were selected for awards under this grant. Those with an asterisk next to their name were awarded funds specifically to support evidence-based parenting education in partnership with Parenting Together Washington County.


Project description

Award amount

Adelante Mujeres*

Advancing Social & Emotional Wellness for Bicultural & Bilingual Families


Bienestar, Inc.

Immigrant and Refugee Wellness Project



Healing and Connection for African Immigrants and African Americans



Resilient Roots: Fostering Social Connections through Community Engagement, Parent Education and Youth Leadership


Centro Cultural del Condado de Washington

Golden Age: Supporting Latino/e/x/a seniors with culturally responsive behavioral health services to improve wellness


Community Pulse Action*

Nurturing Parenting for families with 5-11 y.o. children


Education Explorers Foundation

Social and emotional learning program for African American and African Immigrant/Refugee children and families



Social and Emotional Wellness Supports for Greater Middle Eastern Communities


Morrison Child and Family Services*

Morrison Child and Family Services Parenting Education Program


The FLIP Museum

The FLIP Museum: A Children’s Museum for Washington County


United Way of the Columbia-Willamette*

Offering Circulos de Seguridad/Circles of Security as a Parent Education tool