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Ordinance No. 805 North Bethany Subarea Plan Modifications for Bethany Creek

Ordinance Number

Ordinance No. 805 removes a segment of Primary Street P2 between NW Kaiser Road and Primary Street P3 in the North Bethany Subarea, and modifies the number and location of planned north-south pedestrian trail crossings of Bethany Creek. These changes were requested by Clean Water Services in order to minimize impacts to adjacent wetlands and Bethany Creek, and to facilitate a planned stream restoration and wetland enhancement project. Amendments are made to the North Bethany Subarea maps in Policy 43 of the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area, the Functional Classification map in the Transportation System Plan, and text and maps in the Bethany Community Plan, Chapter 2: North Bethany Subarea Plan.

805 Adopted Ordinance (PDF 2.44 MB)
Adopted Date
Effective Date