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Report fallen trees on streets, roads and sidewalks

Report downed trees and branches by using our online Request a Road Service form or by calling 503-629-0111.
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Use Request a Road Service to report downed trees or branches on streets/roads or sidewalks.  You can also call 503-629-0111.

3 p.m. Jan. 16, 2024: Washington County Land Use & Transportation road crews are responding to all requests for tree removal as quickly as possible. 

NOTE: Our crews cannot clear fallen trees involving power lines until PGE crews have made repairs and/or cleared the power lines. Most of the trees and branches not involving power lines have been cleared so at least one lane is passable.

Once crews are notified that powerlines are cleared, we begin clearing debris to open the travel lanes and sidewalks. Any remaining trees and debris along the roadsides will be handled later. Trees on private property are  the responsibility of property owners.  


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