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Wintery weather travel conditions forecasted to continue

Please avoid unnecessary travel during severe weather conditions.
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Slippery conditions on the roads and sidewalks are expected to continue into the weekend. If you must travel, take precautions.

Bicyclists and Pedestrians

  • Wear reflectors and lights
  • Ensure that your footwear has a good tread, non-slip soles or crampons
  • Check that your bike has properly inflated snow tires.
  • Be aware of vehicles that may have difficulty stopping at intersections
  • Check TriMet service alerts for public transit delays or cancellations


  • Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle. It should include water, snacks, flashlights, a shovel, blankets, extra batteries, etc.
  • Check road conditions on TripCheck and before you travel
  • Drive slowly, brake gently and increase following distance

Visit for updates about snow zones and other road closures.