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Curb Ramp Replacement

Curb ramps replacements make ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Current curb ramp replacement projects are selected based on when roads and streets are scheduled to be paved. These ramps will be updated to be ADA-compliant.

Sidewalk closures and intermittent lane closures are between 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. weekdays during ramp construction.

Check for other traffic impacts.

Road Fund '22-'23 Murray Boulevard

Construction start: November 2023
Construction finish (expected): April 30, 2024


  • Murray Boulevard and Butner Road
  • Murray Boulevard and Milburn Street
  • Murray Boulevard and Linda Lane
  • Murray Boulevard and Ronald Court

Road Fund '22-'23 North

Construction start: September 2023
Construction finish (expected): April 30, 2024


  • Barnes Road and Stark Street
  • Barnes Road and private drive
  • Barnes Road and 117th Avenue
  • Cornell Road and Trail Road
  • Cornell Road and Murray Boulevard
  • Kaiser Road and Laidlaw Road
  • Kaiser Road and Sethrich Lane
  • Kaiser Road and Central Court
  • Kaiser Road and Mitchell Street
  • Kaiser Road and Purvis Drive
  • Union Road and Jackson School Road
  • Union Road and Stewart Lane
  • Union Road and 289th Avenue

Road Fund '22-'23 West

Construction started: February 2024
Construction finish (expected): June 2024


  • 25th Avenue and Beacon Court
  • 25th Avenue and Evergreen Road
  • 149th Avenue and Division Street
  • 149th Avenue and 6th Street
  • 160th Avenue and Ludwig Street
  • 160th Avenue and Marlee Lane
  • 160th Avenue and Shelton Street
  • 160th Avenue and Westwind Drive
  • 160th Avenue and Noah Lane
  • 160th Avenue and Rock Drive
  • 160th Avenue and Blanton Street
  • 160th Avenue and Shaw Street
  • Rock Road and 209th Avenue
  • Rock Road and 208th Avenue
  • Rock Road and 206th Avenue
  • Rock Road and 204th Avenue


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