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Energy Conservation

Washington County strives to be energy efficient and responsibly use our energy resources and systems.

Washington County cut building energy by 40% per FTE since 2008.  Below are some of the ways we help the County save energy.  

  • Strategic Energy Management – We partner with the Energy Trust of Oregon to make sure we are using our heating, cooling, and lighting as efficiently as possible.  For each milestone we reach, we get a $1000 check to put towards more energy efficiency projects. Washington County was highlighted in this Energy Trust video.  

  • HVAC – Facilities uses Envysion Software to diagnose HVAC problems, installs new equipment when appropriate, and uses occupancy sensors to turn on HVAC systems only in occupied buildings.  

  • Lighting – Facilities replaces older lights with new LEDs where possible, installs photocells on outdoor lights, and uses occupancy sensors to turn on lights only in occupied rooms.  

  • Energy Toolkit (PDF 1.32 MB)
     – Learn more about our projects and learn some helpful tips to use less energy.  
  • Facilities Liaisons – Employees in every department who respond to facilities issues when they arise. 

  • Solar Energy - Washington County has several solar arrays to help power facilities and reduce the amount electricity we purchase. 

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