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Enterprise Zone Exemption

Information on Enterprise Zone Exemption

Enterprise Zone exemptions are for businesses growing or locating in our community. An eligible business (generally non-retail) may receive a property tax exemption on a new plant and equipment.

Eligible businesses may include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Processors
  • Shippers
  • Operations that serve other organizations
  • Call centers
  • Headquarter-type facilities

Prior to construction/installation beginning on-site, the zone sponsor must receive an application for authorization.

Map of Oregon Enterprise Zones

Local Enterprise Zone Sponsors:

Common Forms and Applications:

Enterprise Zone Information: Enterprise Zone Exemption

Application: Oregon Enterprise Zone Authorization Application

Statutes: ORS 285c.050 – 285c.250

Enterprise Zone Claim Form (required annually): Oregon Enterprise Zone Exemption Claim

Enterprise Zone Property Schedule: Oregon Enterprise Zone Property Schedule

Enterprise Zone Construction in Progress: Construction-In-Process Enterprise Zone Exemption