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CDBG Projects

Washington County, OR offers grants to non-profits, cities, and county departments for projects benefiting low-moderate income persons. Funding for these grants is available on an annual cycle.

City of Hillsboro


Hillsboro Walnut Park Improvements (completed project)

Hillsboro Walnut Park

In 2017, $355,000 in CDBG funds were awarded to the City of Hillsboro to improve ADA accessibility, add a permanent restroom facility, a picnic shelter, and replace the park gazebo with a shade to serve the splash pad. The addition of permanent restroom and the picnic shelter will encourage and accommodate more family usage of the park and the new shade will also increase park usage and enhance park safety.

Hillsboro Walnut Park Splashpad

In 2011, CDBG awarded the City of Hillsboro $100,000 to renovate and refurbish an existing neighborhood park serving low/moderate income residents. Walnut Park project renovated the play equipment to provide for improved ADA accessibility, and to accommodate the needs of young children under 5 as well as children in the 5-12 year old age group. A water spray ground was developed to give park users, approximately 3,000 persons, a well designed place to enjoy a sprinkler type of water play that can hold up to heavy use.

Community of Timber

(No website - see their Facebook page)

Timber Water Reservoir (completed project)


In 2015, $299,183.85 in CDBG funds were awarded to the Timber Water Association to replace their existing water tank, which was placed in 1972 and was experiencing some leaking and inefficiency. Funds were used to provide professional services for geotechnical studies, design and project management oversight of the installation of the new steel reservoir, construction costs associated with demolishing the existing tank, preparing a concrete base for the new tank, purchasing and installing the new steel reservoir, and other permits, legal fees and public notices required for the project.

Timber Water Treatment Facility Repairs (completed project)

Timber water treatment

The water treatment facility, built in 1972, had water intrusion issues that caused severe dry rot in the West, North, and South sides of the building. Failure of the building posed a danger to the newly installed water treatment equipment contained within, valued at approximately $200,000. The extent of this damage required that the roof and much of the SW wall, along with portions of the SE and NW walls, be reconstructed to correct the water intrusion issues and make the building structurally sound. In 2011, $118,750 in CDBG funds were awarded to Timber Water Association for the structural improvements - serving 146 persons.

City of Cornelius


Cornelius Public Library (completed project)

Cornelius public library

In 2015, The City of Cornelius was awarded $260,000 in CDBG funds for a new public library. The newly constructed Cornelius Public Library occupies the first floor of a condominiumized mixed-use development. The upper floors contain housing serving low- to moderate-income households and was not funded by CDBG. Bridge NW Development was awarded $1,200,000 in HOME funds. The Cornelius Library Senior Housing Project represents a 41-unit new construction senior housing project. There are 8 HOME-assisted units.

14th Avenue Improvements (completed project)

Cornelius n2

In 2011, $182,000 in CDBG funds were awarded to the City of Cornelius to provide new safe and standard pedestrian-oriented signals at the double intersection of 14th Avenue and Adair and Baseline are needed to safely and efficiently connect the people and their vehicles. The project will construct traffic signals and crosswalks at 14th Avenue across Highway 8 (Adair and Baseline) for safe pedestrian and vehicular passage across the two main streets in the City. CDBG funds will be used for a portion of the professional services as well as a portion of the construction costs associated in constructing traffic signals and crosswalks at the intersections of 14th Avenue and Adair and 14th Avenue and Baseline. Approximately 1,255 persons will be served by this project.

City of Forest Grove


Forest Grove Senior Center Kitchen (completed project)

Forest Grove senior center kitchen

The City of Forest Grove was awarded $425,000 in 2016 to expand and upgrade the kitchen at Forest Grove Senior Center by removing/relocating walls to add space, replace flooring, countertops, shelves and replacing affixed kitchen equipment. Other upgrades included electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drainage and painting.

Community Action


Homeless Prevention And Intervention (on-going project)

Community Action

In 2012, CDBG awarded $60,000 for this two year project. The system that Community Action is building in collaboration with other community partners is designed to intervene at the earliest possible point in a housing crisis in order to prevent homelessness to the greatest extent possible shorten the duration of episodes of homelessness. The project has two primary goals: prevent homelessness and end episodes of homelessness as quickly as possible. Four activities will be the focus: prevention of episodes of homelessness, homelessness diversion, community resource orientations, and development of housing plans for those in shelter. This project creates a system for a longer relationship with at-risk and homeless households that goes beyond the needs of those households being met by the Basic Needs Project. These projects (and the funding requests) are complementary; not duplicative. They work in concert with one another based on the identified needs in the continuum of care. A total of 3,000 persons will be served during the two years of this project.

City of Sherwood


Marjorie Stewart Senior Center Kitchen Updates (completed project)

Marjorie Stewart Senior Center Kitchen

The City of Sherwood was awarded $108,000in CDBG funds in 2018 to improve the Marjorie Stewart Senior Center. They upgraded the kitchen, replaced the flooring and added a folding partition in the dining hall/multipurpose room. The kitchen upgrades included a new stove, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Marjorie Stewart Senior Center Upgrades (completed project)

Marjorie Stewart Senior Center

In 2012, the Marjorie Stewart Senior Center project was awarded $179,600 in CDBG funds for a series of accessibility (ADA) upgrades that will be done to the building to better serve both people with disabilities, but also the older population that simply needs a little more assistance. The existing restrooms do not meet current ADA requirements and the finishes are dated. The current code requires increased maneuvering clearances in fully accessible bathroom as well as at the restroom entrance doors. In addition, under the 2010 Oregon building code, a new building of this size requires a unisex restroom.

The floors in the lobby area are exposed aggregate and are cold, unwelcoming, and not an appropriate floor finish for this type of facility and the clients who access services here. The height of the counter will be lowered to accommodate wheelchair accessibility. The proposed project would upgrade the restrooms, lobby area and floor finish to make the senior center more accessible and functional for 440 seniors yearly.