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Gatekeeper Program

Information about the training available to businesses and organization to identify vulnerable adults and available supports.

If you suspect elder abuse in Washington County, call Adult Protective Services at 971-673-5200 to report your concerns.

The Gatekeeper program is an educational outreach effort to help support vulnerable people who may need help, but are unable to get it for themselves. The program provides training to those who come into contact with older adults or adults with disabilities in the normal course of their work or life. There are many reasons why people may not seek help for themselves, and Gatekeepers can be a link between supportive services and those who want or need them.

Gatekeeper training can offer information about:

  • Signs that someone may need help
  • Who to contact about offering assistance
  • What kinds of services and programs may be available
  • What to expect and not expect when referring for help

Gatekeepers can be library staff, bank tellers, grocery clerks, utility workers, mail carriers, customer service representatives, medical staff, friends, neighbors, and more.

To learn more about Gatekeeper training for you or your organization, please call 503-846-3060 option #4. You can also watch our short video below for a quick overview!

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