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About Emergency Management

An orientation to the Emergency Management program, major activities, staff, and partners.

What we do

Hazard mitigation

We maintain the County's Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan assesses hazards and vulnerabilities in our community and sets an action plan for how we will reduce risks and improve our resilience. We support the implementation of this plan and monitor its progress.

Training and exercises

We put on training to help response and support personnel and volunteers learn what to do during emergencies. We also use exercises to test our plans and help us identify areas for improvement.


We work with state, federal and local agencies and community-based organizations to help restore and rebuild the community and help individuals, families, and businesses recover from disasters.

Planning and preparedness

We maintain emergency plans that help us respond quickly to protect lives, property and the environment. Visit our Plans and Agreements page for examples. We also develop policies and procedures and organize responders and resources to ensure we are prepared to implement our plans.

Emergency operations

We help manage the County's response to major emergencies and disasters. As incidents worsen, we’ll activate the County Emergency Operations Center to coordinate a unified and efficient response among law enforcement, public health, human services, public works, fire, EMS and other responders.

Community outreach and education

We educate our community members on how to improve their preparedness by getting informed, making a plan, building a kit, and working with their neighbors. Interested in having us participate at your event and provide educational materials? Complete our Emergency Preparedness Community Event Request Form.

Our team

Emergency Management has seven full-time and one part-time staff members

Organization chart of Emergency Management staff.  The Manager is at the top and supervises the Supervisor, Senior Management Analyst, and Administrative Assistant. The Supervisor supervises the five Coordinators.

Emergency Management Cooperative (EMC)

The County is a member of the Emergency Management Cooperative (EMC) of Washington County. EMC members work together on emergency planning and preparedness projects that integrate emergency response and recovery across the many jurisdictions and organizations within Washington County.

Our partners

Our program works closely with several local, regional, state and non-governmental organizational partners. We work together to create integrated, coordinated and standardized plans, procedures and policies. Among others, these partners include:




Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)


Emergency Management

1400 SW Walnut Street
Suite 241, MS 30
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

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