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Plans and Agreements

Plans and agreements maintained by Emergency Management in Washington County, Oregon.
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Washington County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

EOP Basic Plan (PDF 796.01 KB)
Addendum 5 - Maps (PDF 200.69 KB)

EOP Functional Annexes

Alert and Warning (PDF 94.89 KB)
Communications (PDF 791.58 KB)
Damage Assessment (PDF 72.05 KB)
Debris Management (PDF 4.64 MB)
Donations Management (PDF 124.94 KB)
EMS Resource Management (PDF 129.32 KB)
Emergency Fuel Management (PDF 649.07 KB)
Fire Resource Management (PDF 132.2 KB)
Law Enforcement (PDF 112.4 KB)
Mental Health (PDF 147.48 KB)
Public Health (PDF 527.75 KB)
Resource Management (PDF 43.07 KB)
Transportation Management (PDF 107.61 KB)

Additional Plans and Resources

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (2023)

Regional PIO ConOps Plan (PDF 834.06 KB)

Regional Recovery Framework



Windshield Survey (PDF 313.46 KB)