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Responder Resources

Protocols, clinical notifications, and other guides for responders

2024 Patient treatment protocols

Scope of Practice (PDF 256.3 KB)
Treatment (PDF 3.58 MB)
Medications (PDF 4.53 MB)
Procedures (PDF 5.15 MB)
Operations (PDF 1.52 MB)
Trauma Systems (PDF 210.73 KB)
Multi-Casualty Incidents (PDF 519.38 KB)
Hazardous Materials (PDF 383.05 KB)
Special Studies (PDF 118.84 KB)

EMS clinical notifications

SV Cath Lab Closure (PDF 238.57 KB)
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (PDF 106.17 KB)
PACT Resumption (PDF 164.83 KB)
PACT protocol.pdf (PDF 254.33 KB)
Ketamine Shortage (PDF 170.58 KB)
HMC Diversion (PDF 58.95 KB)
Mask guidance May 2023 (PDF 109.72 KB)
Diversion System Overview (PDF 412.55 KB)
Health Advisory Monkeypox (PDF 154.62 KB)

 Pediatric guide

Pediatric Guide (PDF 1.5 MB)


COVID-19 FAQs (PDF 203.34 KB)
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