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Forms, information, and resources for Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) users in the Washington County Continuum of Care.

A Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a local information technology system used to collect and confidentially aggregate client-level data and data on the provision of housing and services to people at risk or experiencing homelessness. Each Continuum of Care (CoC) is responsible for administering HMIS software that complies with HUD's data collection, management, and reporting standards.

The Washington County CoC is a partner in NW Social Service Connections (NWSSC) HMIS implementation, an administrative entity that governs HMIS for a multi-agency CoC. The NWSSC HMIS is a Client Information System (CIS) that provides standardized assessment of a client's needs, creates individualized service plans and records the use of housing and services. Communities use this information to determine how services are being utilized, identify gaps in the local service continuum and develop outcome measurements.

Washington County HMIS system administration contacts

Washington County CoC operates with one HMIS System Administrator, with Agency Administrators overseeing their agency HMIS Users and program data

Frequently used documents and forms

HMIS User and Policy Manual (PDF 3.82 MB)
Updated 01.03.2020
Agency Participation Agreement (PDF 123.78 KB)
To be completed and signed by an authorized agency director. This agreement is in addition to the individual User Agreement signed by the staff member entering data into HMIS, and is administered by Washington County Department of Housing Services.
User Agreement (PDF 122.82 KB)
To be completed and signed by each user prior to access to HMIS.
Remote Access Policy and Agreement (PDF 92.18 KB)
An extension of the User Agreement to be completed and signed by the user and agency director.

Sample Intake Form - example of a form that collects all necessary data elements to meet minimum HUD data requirements

Notice to Clients of Uses and Disclosures (PDF 80.47 KB)
Must be posted in a conspicuous location in all HMIS participating agencies.

Technical guidance materials

HMIS data quality and report management

Release of Information (ROI) and data sharing

A Road Home ROI and Consent Form (PDF 45.08 KB)
Inter-Agency Data Sharing Participating Agencies (PDF 35.13 KB)
A listing of all agencies that have signed the Inter-Agency Data Sharing Agreement.

How To Transact an ROI

Data Sharing Tips (PDF 51.69 KB)

HUD and government guidance

HUD Data and Technical Standards - Are You a [HIPAA] Covered Entity? Determine whether or not your agency is "HI Covered"

Need more information?

Contact: Washington County HMIS System Administrator