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Housing & Voucher Waitlists

Find the latest available information on affordable housing and vouchers waitlists here.

Last updated 4/18/2024

Below is the status of the County's voucher and housing waitlists. On average, the following waitlists currently open every 2-7 years depending on availability.

Public Housing
  • CLOSED - Last open window closed on 09/26/2023
Housing Choice Vouchers
  • CLOSED - Last window closed on 08/04/2021
Project-Based Vouchers
  • CLOSED - Last window closed on 10/06/2022

Interest/waitlists of projects under-construction

For more on a specific waitlist, please contact the property's management team.

Open interest and leasing applications list

Please note that the projects interest/waitlist is not comprehensive and is only offered as a complimentary public service. Each property manages its own waitlist and must be contacted to find out more. For current affordable housing properties' potential waitlist openings, refer to the following list here.