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News & Special Programs

The Department of Housing Services regularly issues a monthly e-newsletter, press releases, and posts special program content here.

The Washington County Department of Housing Services provides updates to the community through a variety of methods including our monthly e-newsletter, press releases and special programs linked below.

Creating and locating new shelters

Washington County is expanding our emergency shelter program with a variety of options. To learn more about the process for opening a new shelter location visit our dedicated webpage.

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Elm street property updates

Washington County purchased 1103-1105 Elm St, Forest Grove in October 2023 with a long-term goal to use the site for affordable housing with on-site services for residents.

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Sale of public housing units updates

Washington County will be moving forward with the sale of 60 of public housing units. This process is commonly known as a Section 18 Disposition and aligns with the housing authority's Public Housing Agency plan.

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Time, Place, Manner: Public camping ordinance

Washington County created a new local ordinance intended to comply with state and federal law concerning the regulation of camps and camping on public property. This ordinance regulates camps and camping in unincorporated Washington County on public property including county-owned buildings, parking lots, natural areas and parks, tax foreclosed properties, lands purchased for public projects, and the public right-of-way.

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Housing e-newsletter

Monthly e-newsletter provides updates on Housing Services milestones. Sign up today and receive exciting updates from the department on the latest work it's been doing, including program updates such as our affordable housing, shelters and vouchers waitlists. For past issues please click below:

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Press releases

Press releases are shared for significant Housing Services milestones.

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