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Sale of Public Housing Units

Washington County will be moving forward with the sale of 60 of public housing units. This process is commonly known as a Section 18 Disposition and aligns with the housing authority's Public Housing Agency plan.

On December 13, 2023, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development gave Washington County approval to move forward with the sale of 60 of our public housing units. This process is commonly known as a Section 18 Disposition. This action aligns with the Housing Authority of Washington County goals stated in the Public Housing Agency plan, which include: 1) Increasing the availability of decent, safe and affordable housing; 2) improving community quality of life and economic vitality; 3) promoting self-sufficiency and asset development of families and individuals; and 4) ensuring equal opportunity in housing for all in our community.

Why sell public housing?

Due to long-standing funding challenges, maintaining single-family housing has become increasingly difficult and expensive compared to multi-family housing. Because of this, there is a significant backlog in improvements and physical maintenance needs for homes like these. It is very important for the Housing Authority of Washington County to have an affordable housing portfolio that is sustainable and kept at a high quality.

We plan to use proceeds from the sales of the 60 single-family homes to renovate existing affordable housing properties and build new affordable housing developments.

Will current residents have to find new homes?

We are in active communication with current residents to make sure they’re aware of plans.  Each current household will receive a rent assistance voucher that will allow them the choice of a new rental in the community, while still receiving assistance to keep the rent affordable for their family.

Current residents will also be offered the opportunity to purchase a home. Homeownership is an important way to build financial equity and housing stability. We have partnered with Bienestar to offer homebuyer education and support programs for any resident who is interested in purchasing the home they currently live in.  Homes will be offered at a discounted sales price to current residents. 

When will the houses be sold?

We are early in the planning to sell the 60 houses and anticipate sales to begin the fall of 2024. Our first priority is to offer homes to current low-income residents. After that, we hope to sell the homes to local non-profit partners who will ensure they will continue to offer affordable housing in the community. Lastly, we will sell any remaining homes on the open market to the general public.

Resident Engagement 

As we work through the Public Housing Sale process, we are dedicated to robust resident engagement and communication, including: 

  • Written correspondence and updates, to ensure residents are fully informed and prepared for next steps and opportunities 

  • Hosting informational meetings for residents impacted by the sales, to provide the opportunity to ask questions, make requests and share concerns 

  • Connecting residents to Relocation Specialists who will assist in the search for new housing that fits the household’s individual needs 

  • Creating individualized relocation plans, to include contracted moving services 

If you have additional questions or would like more information, please email [email protected] or call 503-846-4794.


In January, we sent letters to all residents of homes that are included in the 60 houses to be sold.  If you are not sure if your home is on the list, you can email [email protected] with your name and address.

We have partnered with Bienestar to offer homebuyer education and down payment support programs for residents who are interested in purchasing the public housing home they currently live in.  If you are interested in this program, please email [email protected]. We will send additional information about the homebuyer program in the coming months.

We are early in the planning and anticipate sales to begin in fall 2024. However, sales will happen over time and could take two to three years. We will provide at least 90 days’ notice before your move out date.

We are committed to supporting our residents throughout the moving process. Each resident will be paired with a Relocation Specialist who will address any concerns and assist in the search for new housing. Your Relocation Specialist will also help in creating a personalized relocation plan. We will provide contracted moving services to ensure a smooth transition, and we are dedicated to making sure no resident experiences financial hardship due to the transition. 

Current residents will receive a special kind of Housing Choice Voucher called a Tenant Protection Voucher. This is a voucher that pays a portion of your rent to your landlord. You can take your voucher with you to use at any property that has a reasonable rent and meets health and safety requirements.

We will continue to reach out to our nonprofit partners with more information as plans and timelines become finalized. In the meantime, you can submit your interest by emailing [email protected].

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