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Tasks and Trainings

Find training materials and resources for County employees in the event of 'Facilities Closure.'

In the rare event that a County building is damaged, is inaccessible or has a prolonged power outage, the County Administrator may announce a Facilities Closure. Check in with your supervisor about options such as performing work you would typically do from home or from an alternate location. If these options are not available, you may be asked to help with work on behalf of another part of your department or another department altogether.

If a Facilities Closure is still in effect and employees have completed or do not have any work approved by department directors, managers or supervisors to perform from home, supervisors may consider assigning these tasks and training options:

If no other work assignments can be made by your supervisor or manager, you cannot make adjust your work schedule or make up lost hours and you have exhausted the tasks and trainings listed above, you must use accrued leave, such as compensatory time, vacation leave, administrative leave, floating holiday.