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Conciliation Services

Accessing services for mediation when parents are separating or divorcing

***Our registration services and fees are changing, please read the instructions thoroughly***

Mediation, Counseling, New Ways For Families 

Conciliation Services’ practices are here to support parents in cooperating and coming to an agreement about parenting their children.  Please see below for information on our programs.

Court Mandated Mediation & Parent Education 

What: Parent Education, Mediation Orientation, and the required confidential Mediation. 

Who: Parties with minor children who have a pending domestic relations case in Washington County. 

How: View Scheduling instructions.

Cost: $200 per person
     *Parent Education will be replacing the current Kids’ Turn Program offered through Youth Contact

Voluntary Mediation

What: Confidential Mediation regarding Custody and Parenting Time. 

Who: Residents of Washington County who do not have a pending domestic relations case; parties with a closed Washington County domestic relations case; and/or parties with a pending domestic relations case who have completed court mandated mediation. 

How: Both parties must agree to proceed and then submit paperwork. View Scheduling instructions

Cost: $125 per person per session. 

New Ways For Families 

What: High conflict curriculum presented in a group setting which meets four consecutive weeks for 60 to 90 minutes. Program also includes four Co-Parent Counseling sessions. 

Who: Parties with or without a current domestic relations case who are experiencing ongoing conflict and/or frequent custody or parenting time disputes. 

How: Parties attend voluntarily or seek a court order. Parties submit paperwork and then proceed with scheduling. View Scheduling instructions.

Cost: $250 per person or $150 for those who have received a waiver or deferral of their court fees. 


What: Confidential Marriage, Couples, and Co-Parenting Counseling sessions. 

Who: Residents of Washington County with children, or parties who have a Washington County domestic relations case. 

How: Parties submit paperwork and then proceed with scheduling. View Scheduling instructions.

Cost: $93.75 per person per session. 


Juvenile Location & Hours

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