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New Ways for Families Workshop

A course designed to improve communication between parents in high stress situations such as separation or divorce.

Parent Education has replaced the Kids’ Turn Program formerly offered through Youth Contact.

Parent Education is the Family Law Education Program of Washington County.  New Ways for Families will not fulfill that requirement. Follow "Mediation and Parent Education" registration instructions.

New Ways for Families  

Washington County Conciliation Services is presenting a 4-week course called “New Ways for Families.” It is designed to help parents who are in high conflict learn to communicate more effectively with each other. Parties can be court-ordered or come voluntarily.  

Washington County residents with children, who are seeking to resolve issues about their relationship, or to decrease the degree and frequency of the conflict between them, may benefit from the New Ways program through Conciliation Services.   

This service consists of:  

  • Four (4) 60- to 90-minute educational group sessions held on Wednesday at 5:00-6:30 p.m. for consecutive weeks.
  • Group sessions are designed to provide information/skills to help you solve problems and cope more effectively with difficult decisions and/or transitions in your relationship with your co-parent partner.  


  • Four (4) co-parent counseling sessions 60 to 90 minutes in duration. 
  • Counseling sessions are private and provide an opportunity for you and your co-parent to practice and apply skills to issues that are most relevant to you.   
  • To increase the effectiveness of the program you will be expected to take part in activities that support positive change during sessions and between sessions.   
  • Note: Scheduled between 9 -3:30 Monday through Friday. Availability varies by day. Please contact Conciliation Services for current scheduling options.  

Additional Information:  

  • Cost is $250 per person or $150 for those who have received a waiver or deferral of their court fees. Must submit proof or waiver or deferral when submitting paperwork.
  • You are not required to attend the same session as your co-parent.
  • Classes are limited to 12 participants; all other participants will be placed on a wait list for the next available class.
  • All session are conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams.


  1. Complete and submit required Paperwork - Below is the paperwork; send via e-mail or fax to the contact information listed below.

    Submitting Paperwork

    Include both sides of all the documents.
    Answer all questions and sign all pages.
    We will not accept incomplete paperwork.
    Paperwork received via e-mail or fax will receive an e-mailed response once it has been processed.

    You may request a confirmation of receipt via e-mail, if you have not heard from us.

    *It may take a couple days to process paperwork.*

  2.  Make Payment - We will email you payment instructions once we have processed your paperwork. You will need have your case number available when submitting payment. The fee for the package is $250 per person, unless your court fees were waived/deferred. You may not use someone else’s card to pay unless they are there to authorize payment.
  3. Scheduled - Once we have processed your payment or your waiver, we will send you a link to schedule the session. No children or other parties are allowed present and you must be in a confidential area. These sessions will be virtual and require camera on during entire session. We offer these virtual sessions via Microsoft teams, for more information click on these links: Learn More / Download Teams


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